GoHighLevel vs. ActiveCampaign – Which One Is Best?

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Would you like to compare GoHighLevel and ActiveCampaign? If that is the case, you will be pleased to know that I have compared software in this article.

GoHighLevel is a marketing platform intended for marketing agencies and marketers, offering an all-in-one solution. ActiveCampaign is renowned for its email marketing functionality, which includes a CRM that shares some qualities with HighLevel.

This article will provide a comparison of the critical features between GoHighLevel and ActiveCampaign to help those with businesses make a decision about which to use. Let’s begin.

GoHighLevel Vs. ActiveCampaign Overview

GoHighLevel is a platform tailored to the needs of marketing agencies, providing a range of features.

In 2016, Shaun Clark founded the company intending to help agencies simplify their tech stack and consolidate their resources.

GoHighLevel offers a platform that includes the following tools.

  • Landing Page and Funnel Builders
  • Email Marketing and Automation
  • Chat Widget
  • Call Tracking
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • 2-Way SMS Capability
  • White Labeling for Clients

And more.

HighLevel is projected to gain widespread adoption in 2023, with various industries utilizing the platform, including agencies, real estate, local businesses, insurance providers, and more.

GoHighLevel vs. ActiveCampaign
GoHighLevel 14-Day Free Trial

Jason VandeBoom established ActiveCampaign in 2003, making email marketing a popular option.

They offer:

  • Email Marketing and Automation
  • CRM and Sales Automation Tools
  • Landing Pages
  • 1-way SMS capability

Both software has a 14-day free trial and award-winning support teams to assist users in their platform usage.

After better understanding the two platforms, we can look at the main features and make a comparison below.

gohighlevel vs. activecampaign
ActiveCampaign 14-Day Free Trial

GoHighLevel Vs. ActiveCampaign Features Comparison

These SaaS products offer a variety of features. This section will provide a comparison.

Funnel Builders and Landing Pages

This section compares funnel builders and landing pages, with ActiveCampaign as the primary focus.

GoHighLevel’s funnel builder is similar to ClickFunnels if you have prior experience with it.

Go to GoHighLevel and select Funnels & Websites in the menu bar. From there, you can view and manage your funnels.

Upon entering a funnel, you will have a view of the funnel’s “steps,” similar to those found in ClickFunnels. Split tests can be created in this area.

To modify the funnel step within GoHighLevel, click the Edit Page button.

gohighlevel vs. activecampaign
HighLevel Funnel Builder

The HighLevel page editor includes features such as Sections, Rows, and Elements, which can be found on other platforms like ClickFunnels.

GoHighLevel incorporates features similar to those of ClickFunnels regarding funnel and page-building.

If you are a ClickFunnels user considering transitioning to GoHighLevel, you can transfer your pages with a single click.

GoHighLevel’s page editor offers the benefit of conveniently adding pop-ups to your pages.


ActiveCampaign’s “Plus” plan, which starts at $70/month, offers a landing page builder feature but does not have the funnel builder feature found in GoHighLevel.

The ActiveCampaign Landing Page Editor is user-friendly and provides all the necessary features, such as pop-ups and checkout features. No extraneous elements are included.

gohighlevel vs. activecampaign
ActiveCampaign Landing Page Templates

Without creating a tech stack, including features such as a checkout cart, bump offers, and an upsell page will not be possible. With HighLevel, it is possible.

GoHighLevel is the preferred choice in this instance. Choosing to match the ease of use of ClickFunnels was a sensible decision. ActiveCampaign allows its users to generate landing pages, though it is not yet on par with HighLevel in this respect.


These two competing platforms differ in that one allows you to create websites with your domain name for your business or that of your clients.


GoHighLevel offers a website builder and a funnel-building feature which are both similarly easy to navigate.

The same editor is utilized for both website and funnel page building.

The website builder editor has been enhanced with some new elements that facilitate the creation of responsive websites.

A Navigation Menu is an example of a website element that I found helpful.

gohighlevel vs. activecampaign
GoHighLevel Website Builder

GoHighLevel enables users to develop a desktop menu that transforms into a hamburger menu when viewed in the mobile editor.

The funnel editor allows website pages to be mobile responsive.

GoHighLevel members on the Agency Unlimited Plan have access to a website builder that can aid in scaling their business or provide clients with websites.

This web design tool may not be the most sophisticated. However, it can still perform essential functions to capture leads for your business or clients.

ActiveCampaign, up to this point, does not offer a website builder.

Landing pages can be built with the platform, and a hyperlinked menu to other pages can also be created, albeit with the more manual effort required.

ActiveCampaign developed its landing page tool to provide its users with an alternative to form embeds and email list growth rather than focusing on website building.

GoHighLevel is the winner of this round. This platform provides all the necessary components for constructing user-friendly websites. Digital agencies can leverage GoHighLevel’s white-labeling capabilities to offer clients access to their websites through their media. ActiveCampaign cannot provide the same features now and may not have plans to do so.

Courses and Membership Sites

Membership sites can be beneficial for businesses.

Our marketing agency is considering utilizing online course platforms, such as Kajabi and Thinkific, for staff training.

We are considering offering custom website training videos to our clients, available via a membership subscription. HighLevel is a standout performer.

Those familiar with Kajabi, an online course platform, will notice similarities between it and GoHighLevel’s membership and course offerings.

GoHighLevel simplifies the process of building courses and membership sites, similar to Kajabi. It offers templates for quickly getting a system up and running, and custom build options.

This is an example of a course/membership page in HighLevel.

gohighlevel vs. activecampaign
Course Example Within GoHighLevel

HighLevel provides users with access to a platform similar to Kajabi. Agencies will benefit financially from this.

ActiveCampaign does not have built-in support for courses and membership sites.

GoHighLevel integrates well with some of the leading course platforms on the market and offers the ability to create membership portals within its white-label forum, which may benefit your agency.

HighLevel has created a new offer that provides a professional experience to the clients and offers potential financial gains if an agency runs training courses for clients.

Email Marketing & Automation

In the GoHighLevel vs. ActiveCampaign comparison, we will consider the benefits of using ActiveCampaign.

GoHighLevel provides a native email marketing system that seeks to replicate ActivecCampaign’s email marketing and automation capabilities.

We can begin with the email drag-and-drop editor.

Their element widgets give you the ability to create any email you want. Email templates are available, but they cannot replicate the templating options offered by ActiveCampaign.

GoHighLevel is an email marketing provider. Once potential customers or clients have been acquired, automation can be set up to guide them through the customer journey. This may involve an email series and text messages.

GoHighLevel’s Workflow Builder can be integrated with workflow map software, such as ActiveCampaign, and has a modern user interface.

GoHighLevel provides marketing automation workflows at various levels of complexity. Agencies can use the service for their primary tasks, such as reputation management and integrating automated processes with CRM, a topic that will be discussed in the next section.


ActiveCampaign is a popular email marketing service offering superior automation features compared to HighLevel.

We should begin with the email templates.

GoHighLevel does not currently offer any pre-made templates for emails, but it does allow you to create your own from scratch.

Designing an email using their builder is possible, so it doesn’t have to be a significant deciding factor.

gohighlevel vs. activecampaign
Active Campaign Email Automation

The workflow builder from ActiveCampaign provides extensive capabilities for marketing automation.

Our agency has yet to capitalize on the full potential of this tool. With exploration, it can be seen that it supports advanced automation, ranging from follow-up campaigns featuring email and text message automation integrated with a CRM platform, transforming leads into customers.

ActiveCampaign’s workflow enables you to create new actions.

ActiveCampaign offers business automation that may require more skill and knowledge to maximize its potential. They provide extensive tools, support, and resources for further service development.


ActiveCampaign has proven to be a top choice for email marketing, with successful implementation for customers to generate more leads and increase sales.

CRM Capabilities

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can help businesses organize and automate their sales, leads, and customer relationships processes. It offers a comprehensive dashboard view of the entire setup, making tracking and managing customers easier.

Both platforms offer a customer relationship management (CRM) feature; however, access to ActiveCampaign is an email marketing platform.’s CRM is only available on their Plus Plan.

gohighlevel vs. activecampaign
ActiveCampaign 14-Day Free Trial

It is unnecessary for all businesses, but marketing agencies could benefit. Some large-scale agencies have integrated ActiveCampaign, while others have used GoHighLevel.

The feature comparison section is restricted; we suggest viewing the CRM demos for each tool to evaluate which platform is right for you.

Both CRMs have similar appearances and can support agency growth correctly. In this case, we cannot differentiate between them. For traditional online companies and agencies, the choice is determined by the capabilities offered by HighLevel.


Integrations may be necessary depending on the chosen software.


GoHighLevel provides a comprehensive platform but with fewer native 3rd-party integrations than ActiveCampaign.

The following are the items that can be directly integrated:

  • Stripe
  • Facebook
  • Quickbooks
  • Shopify
  • Google Analytics
  • Zoom
  • TikTok

Custom integrations outside of Zapier will require additional handling. GoHighLevel has limited native integrations as they provide a comprehensive solution platform.


ActiveCampaign offers native integration with popular third-party software.

These are the services that can be directly integrated:

  • Shopify
  • Salesforce (an industry-leading CRM)
  • Jotform
  • Facebook
  • WordPress
  • Google Analytics ClickFunnels
  • Unbounce
  • WooCommerce
  • Quickbooks/Freshbooks/Others


ActiveCampaign stands out because it can integrate your technology stack through native integrations instead of having all-in-one software.

Pricing Comparison

Both software have a monthly fee; comparing the best offer for you is advisable.

GoingHighLevel offers pricing plans starting at $97/month, with higher tiers available.

This is an overview of the plans.

gohighlevel vs. activecampaign
gohighlevel vs. activecampaign

The Agency Starter Account Plan ($97/month) provides access to all available tools for a single account holder or client.

The Agency Unlimited Account offers unlimited sub-accounts for a monthly fee of $297.

Agency Unlimited users can opt for an upgraded White Label Mobile App+ account for an additional $497/month. This includes a personalized mobile app, bespoke Zap, and other features.

HighLevel offers a 14-day free trial that requires a credit card. You can cancel the go at any time if you are unsatisfied with the product.

Enjoy a free 14-day trial of GoHighLevel.

The pricing plans offered by ActiveCampaign.

gohighlevel vs. activecampaign
ActiveCampaign 14-Day Free Trial

Get the essential email marketing features you need with our Lite Plan starting at just $29/month for up to 500 contacts!

The Plus Plan costs $49 per month with a cap of 500 contacts, including landing pages, SMS marketing, automation mapping, and a mobile CRM app. It is the plan that is the closest equivalent to HighLevel.

The Professional Plan ($149/month @500 Contacts) includes features like in-app messaging.

ActiveCampaign offers a 14-day trial without the need for a credit card. To take advantage of discounted pricing, customers should pay annually. Refer to their available prices to view associated savings and establish desired email campaigns.

Sign up with ActiveCampaign to start a 14-day free trial.

ActiveCampaign Pros and Cons


  • Email marketing software is among the top three in the world.
  • The CRM and pipeline features are of high quality.
  • The creation of email automation is straightforward.
  • The Plus plan includes access to a landing page builder.
  • The Plus plan includes 1-way SMS text messaging.
  • Email templates are helpful.


  • The feature includes one-way text messaging.
  • Exceeding 500 contacts on the Plus plan may result in additional costs.
  • You receive a lower value for the money spent.

GoHighLevel Pros and Cons


  • An integrated marketing solution for agencies that is cost-effective.
  • With web development tools, you can create websites, landing pages, sales funnels, and membership sites for clients or your team.
  • GHL incorporated portions of existing marketing tools into its platform.
  • Two-way SMS text messaging.
  • This CRM and Lead Tracking system provides features like call tracking, a website’s integrated chatting widget, and Facebook Messenger integration.
  • Email marketing includes standard and advanced features for automating campaigns, including automation maps.
  • Book appointment software is available that can be used instead of Calendly.
  • HighLevel offers contract software that enables users to sign documents.
  • The support team is available around the clock, offering chat and phone support.


  • Has some known bugs that the team at HighLevel is still working on
  • It can be an overwhelming amount of features
  • The email builder is not as great as ActivecCampaign’s

Which platform should I use: GoHighLevel or ActiveCampaign?

Comparing GoHighLevel and ActiveCampaign is relatively straightforward. If you are running an agency, the decision is clear.

HighLevel should be considered if an agency requires software that provides features such as sales funnels, a CRM, and tracking of leads through text messages, forms, calls, and live chat conversations.

Get a free 14-day trial of GoHighLevel.

This platform was designed for business owners to facilitate B2B sales and marketing.

If you want to expand your business by gaining more leads and do not have an agency, ActiveCampaign may be your solution. It provides multiple tools and integrations to enable compatibility with other devices.

Get a 14-Day Free Trial of ActiveCampaign.


Choosing a marketing automation platform is critical; the right software should be tailored to your business needs. GoHighLevel and ActiveCampaign offer many features and benefits, but which is best for you?

When deciding between GoHighLevel and ActiveCampaign, it’s essential to consider factors such as the number of contacts that can be stored, available integrations with third-party applications, customer service offered, and whether there are any free trials or mobile apps available.

Both platforms have their unique strengths, so it’s essential to make sure the features offered fit your needs to ensure success.

Ultimately, there is no definitive answer when choosing between GoHighLevel vs. ActiveCampaign – it will depend on your individual needs.

Do you require more features than just essential email marketing? Are you looking for an intuitive interface? Is scalability a vital factor for you? Asking yourself these questions will help determine which platform fits you best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GoHighLevel used for?

GoHighLevel is a sales and marketing platform offering multiple features to aid agencies and marketers in optimizing their performance.

What are the features of GoHighLevel?

This platform offers numerous features, such as CRM with SmartLists, email marketing campaigns, two-way SMS messaging, outbound calling, call tracking, call recording, power dialing, form building, survey building, funnel building, and website building. Additionally provided are online scheduling services, automation campaigns reporting, webhooks, and Social Planner, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok, and many other functionalities.

What is GoHighLevel Saas mode?

HighLevel Saas mode offers a subscription-based white-labeling service, allowing users to resell software with their branding.

Can ActiveCampaign be used as CRM?

ActiveCampaign CRM enables you to monitor your interactions with contacts and prospects.

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