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I am going to assume, because you clicked on this headline, that you are probably familiar with HighLevel SaaS and its capabilities. Nonetheless, for newcomers to the platform, we have thoroughly examined it in a previous article, GoHighLevel Review.

Let’s forego a general introduction to HighLevel and dive directly into understanding: What is HighLevel SaaS mode?

Get Started With SaaS Mode Today

We will examine critical terms and unique HighLevel features often deemed “game changers” in sales and marketing software for lead generation and boosting business revenue. Before delving into the intricacies of HighLevel’s SaaS model, let us comprehend the overall significance and application of the term “SaaS” for an organization.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enables companies to provide their products online as hosted web applications, which can be accessed through any web browser, rather than selling them directly on their websites.

Simply click “14-Day Free Trial” to begin. Pay the monthly subscription fee and gain access to a range of available tools based on your chosen plan.Many popular web development tools, CMSs, and landing page builders fall into this category. Shopify, WIX, and LeadPages are a few examples of SaaS companies.

HighLevel SaaS

HighLevel SaaS Mode Overview

HighLevel SaaS enables agencies and their clients to offer services and develop software for others simultaneously. Though it may appear unusual, the potency of GoHighLevel SaaS lies in its ability to be utilized and marketed as your software at every step.

With a fixed monthly fee, you can access HighLevel and resell the software as if it were your own. The HighLevel SaaS model enables you to effectively market their product at every stage.

As a reseller, you acquire a product at a particular cost and resell it in Gohighlevel SaaS mode at an elevated price. Intriguingly, High Level, a SaaS enterprise, endorses and promotes this approach within the SaaS industry.

This allows you to generate increased recurring revenue, while HighLevel benefits from expanding its product sales to numerous agencies with this step. White labeling means that you’re selling an already existing product under another name. Before offering High Level to other users, you must create an app that looks and feels like yours.

White labeling is selling your products under someone else’s brand name. It means converting the HighLevel software system into your fully branded app. With no trace of HighLevel branding anywhere and your branding all over your app, your customers won’t even notice the existence of HighLevel.

How Much Does the SaaS Mode Cost?

With HighLevel Agency Pro Plan, enjoy complimentary SaaS apps throughout your business operations. The package also includes valuable tools such as email, phone, and SMS billing, split testing, advanced API access, agent reporting, and an AI-powered bot utilizing the renowned Dialogflow platform to support every stage of your project.

You can sign up for the Agency Pro plan by paying $497 per month or $4,968 annually. This is a decent deal for the amount you get at this price.

If you’re still unsure whether the price is worth it, remember that the Agency Pro plan comes with everything from the lower-tiered Freelancer plan plus the features we’ve listed above. With this option, you can create a complete membership site and sell it at any price.

With HighLevel’s Agency Pro plan, you can access various marketing tools in HighLevel saas mode, including a funnel builder, two-way SMS and email, a pipeline manager, a website and landing page builder, and many other valuable tools.

HighLevel SaaS within the Agency Pro Plan signifies the company’s primary focus on catering to agencies. This model aids in reducing elevated churn rates, commonly more prevalent in agencies than SaaS enterprises.

Typically, users can choose whether or not to cancel the service of an agency like gohighlevel saas mode reasonably quickly. Still, if they find something suitable, they tend to stay with it.

GoHighLevel SaaS Mode Specifics

Two Sets of Features

The HighLevel SaaS caters to agencies and their clients by incorporating two distinct features. Some examples include:

Agency Access

You don’t need to worry about these things using our HighLevel SaaS mode service. They’re already taken care of for you. It would be best if you had nothing additional to set up or configure beyond what was already set up and configured for you, ready to access.

It must be turned on for Twilio rebilling to be enabled in HighLevel SaaS mode. However, if you don’t use Twilio for two-way messaging, it would be a waste to pay for it.

Another thing you should be aware of when using Twilio is that you can choose between two modes: SaaS mode is only used for Twilio rebilling and does not create custom pricing plans or use the default ones.

Twillio & Email Rebilling


Client features include the webchat widget, which is also called the HighLevel Live Chat widget. It can be used for lead generation purposes. This widget allows communication between your clients and those they want to reach.

The HighLevel SaaS web chat widget is unique because it allows for two-way text messaging, which lets you continue communicating even after the user leaves the site.

We’ve all endured the delay in receiving a response from customer support while being compelled to keep the site open. HighLevel streamlines communication for your clients and prospects, enhancing the chances of converting site visitors into leads.

Chat Widget

highlevel saas
HighLevel SaaS 30-Day Free Trial

Another helpful feature in HighLevel SaaS is reputation management. It allows them to be influential without pushing their views on others.

It works by sending reviews with links to clients. You can choose between sending an email or an SMS. You can use it to show only positive reviews (4.5 or higher), while some positive reviews can be displayed on your client’s websites as testimonials.

Another super helpful feature is the “missed call” text message. It automates answering calls for your clients’ customers and leads who haven’t received an answer. Missed calls are a missed opportunity because they leave an unpleasant impression and are a pain point for any company.

SaaS Mode Configuration

You can configure the HighLevel SaaS mode from the agency dashboard. The SaaS configurator is where all of the magic takes place. We’ll now examine the features offered by the SaaS Configurer and some of the benefits of the GoHighLevel SaaS mode.

SAAS Configurator

HighLevel saas
HighLevel SaaS 30-Day Free Trial

SaaS Mode Pricing Plans

At its basic level, SaaS (software as a service) means offering software for sale. It’s pretty straightforward. You create an offer, set up a landing page, and then wait for people to come knocking.

Firstly, connect GHL to your Stripe account for seamless HighLevel SaaS integration. After completing this, proceed to establish your pricing plans.

It offers different pricing options for its clients. When you first start, SaaS mode provides three preset plans: Basic, Agency Unlimited, and Agency Pro. You don’t need to use any specific names for your keywords. As long as the plans are short, descriptive enough (and make sense), you can come up with whatever words you want.

Each of the three preloaded HighLevel saas plan options comes with preloaded features already included. You don’t have to stick to the preset plan structure. You can change it up if you want.

You can mix and match HighLevel saas plans as often as you wish. It’s straightforward to do because it requires no technical skills. You drag and drop features between plans within an account.

It’s not necessary to set up three pricing tiers. GoHighLevel SaaS gives you complete control over your pricing plan options.

You can choose whether to offer multiple pricing plans, if so, which ones, and even decide whether to charge for them. You decide whether to stick with the default settings or change them.

Agency Pro 14-Day Free Trial

You can offer two options for your clients when it comes to billing: monthly and yearly. There’s a suggested minimum price threshold for each product category.

It’s $97 monthly for the Standard plan, $297 for the Pro­fessional plan, and $497 for the Premium plan. Once someone has subscribed to your plan, you cannot modify its price. However, you can change the fee using the Stripe and Products settings to charge less than the minimum threshold.

This feature allows you to offer free trials too. However, many HighLevel experts discourage this approach, as it may create unrealistic expectations for users who ultimately do not convert into clients, leading to disappointment.

Utilize online resources to determine the most effective pricing models for your needs. By emulating the strategies of prominent SaaS companies, you can confidently integrate these approaches into your enterprise.

Additional Configurations

You can set the price for each plan and customize the features available.

  • Give your clients free Twilio and Mailgun email credits.
  • Create a snapshot for a plan so you don’t lose any changes made if you create a new account using that plan.
  • Create Sales funnels.
  • Add a two-step checkout form to your pricing page so users can purchase your plans.

Snapshot Templates

gohighlevel saas models
HighLevel Snapshots

It would help to create a workflow informing you about a newly registered user. You can start your onboarding process for them, which many consider essential to your success.

Consider these recommendations for crafting an effective pricing page on your website. HighLevel offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop platform for designing and personalizing funnels, websites, and pages.

Utilize HighLevel’s funnel templates to expedite the process. Ensuring accuracy in this section is crucial, as potential subscribers will consult the pricing details before committing to your plans.

How to Get the Most Out of the SaaS Mode

Once your HighLevel is set up and running, you can explore as many possibilities as the SaaS mode offers.

Online Listings

You can use Yext to increase your client base and help them grow their business. It’s an AI-powered platform for building conversational interfaces using natural language processing (NLP). You can integrate it into HighLevel by using its SaaS mode.

Online business listings are one of the services that Yext provides. It works well with an extensive network of sites like Google and Yelp.

It lets you list essential information about your client’s websites – including their names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and similar – on each site, so they’re always up-to-date and consistent across the web, even if one changes their content.

Yext Online Listings

Linking through Yext is an excellent way to get links for your site, which is helpful from an SEO perspective and makes it easier to attract new leads.

HighLevel charges you $30 for Yext; however, if you sell it for as much as $99, the typical price agencies charge, you can get up to $180 monthly. It’s another way to earn extra income and could be an enormous SEO boost for your clients.


Integrations are one way to improve your business by making it easier for people to use your product. Here is another tool for creating blog posts from within HighLevel.

With this tool, your clients can add content marketing to their arsenal of business tools. It includes an SEO analyzer that helps you follow current best practices for SEO and ensures that you publish optimized content for search engine ranking.

With Yext, DropInBlog can help increase your clients’ SEO and attract new leads. It’s a fast and elegant way to write blogs using High Level.

Our Conclusion About SaaS Mode

We’ve answered the question “What is HighLevel SaaS?” here. To provide an adequate answer, we looked at several aspects of HighLevel: SaaS mode separately from the main application, SaaS mode configurations, and the massive potential of HighLevel SAA when combined with third-party tools.

We’re confident that HighLevel will be an excellent addition to our rich collection of HighLevel products. We also agree with many HighLevel clients who think it’s a game changer. We hope you agree with our opinion and that this text has helped you decide whether HighLevel is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SaaS in GoHighLevel?

The SaaS mode describes the provision of software services over the Internet. HighLevel charges a fee, but you can license the same software to other users. With HighLevel’s Software As A Service model, you can license and resell software that belongs to HighLevel.

What is HighLevel SaaS Mastery?

HighLevel SaaS Mastery is designed to teach users proven strategies for accelerated success and growth in their SaaS business.

What does Saas stand for?

Saas stands for Software as a Service and refers to software hosted in the cloud and delivered over the internet.

What is CRM software?

CRM is Customer Relationship Management and refers to software that helps businesses manage their interactions with customers and potential customers.

What is HighLevel’s Saas mode?

HighLevel’s Saas mode is a feature that allows agencies to create sub-accounts for clients, giving them access to the feature set while keeping the agency as the primary account holder.

How can HighLevel help my digital agency?

HighLevel provides a range of marketing and sales tools, including white-label functionality, fully automated booking workflows, and integration with Google My Business, all designed to help agencies close more deals and scale their businesses.

What is the pricing for HighLevel?

HighLevel offers several Saas plans starting from $97 per month, with the option to choose add-ons based on your needs. You can find detailed pricing information on the pricing page.

Can I get a free trial of HighLevel?

You can sign up for a free trial today and get your first 14 days for free.

How does HighLevel automate processes?

HighLevel allows agencies to create workflows that automate lead capture, appointment booking, and follow-up emails, saving them time and increasing efficiency.

Does HighLevel offer customer support?

Yes, HighLevel provides customer support through various channels, including a dashboard with FAQs, email support, and live chat.

How can HighLevel help me scale my digital agency to 7 figures?

HighLevel’s functionality allows agencies to close more deals, streamline processes with automation, and offer white-label services, all of which can contribute to scaling your digital agency and reaching seven figures in revenue.

Disclosure: I am an independent entity from HighLevel. I am not an agent or employee of HighLevel and have no authority to make binding contracts or represent HighLevel. I receive referral payments from HighLevel. The opinions expressed here are my own and shall NOT be interpreted or considered as representations, guarantees, or statements by HighLevel LLC.

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