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If you’ve seen this headline and decided to click through to read the article, chances are you know HighLevel and the possibilities it offers. But if you’re not familiar with the platform, we’ve already gone into detail about it, so check that out too: GoHighLevel Review.

We’re not going to give an introduction to HighLevel or discuss it in general terms here. We’ll start with an easy question: What is highlevel software as a service (HL SaaS)?

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We’ll cover some key terms and explore an exclusive HighLevel feature that many consider a “game changer” in sales/marketing software.

Before we dive into the details of the HighLevel SaaS mode, let us first discuss some general remarks on the meaning and usage of the term “SaaS.”

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is an abbreviated form of software that allows companies to offer their products online instead of selling them through retail stores. Web applications (apps) are hosted online and accessed via any web browser.

All you need to do is click “download” to get started. You pay your monthly subscription fee, and that’s all there is to it – depending on which plan you choose, you’ll get access to all or some of the available features.

Many popular web development tools, CMSs, and landing page builders fall into this category. Shopify, WIX, and LeadPages are a few examples of SaaS companies.

And High Level itself is an online service provider. If you need a web application that lets you do any of these things, you can create an account at HighLevel and sign up for one of its plans.

HighLevel SaaS Mode Overview

HighLevel SaaS allows agencies (and their clients) to provide services and software for others so that they can be service providers and software developers simultaneously.

It may seem strange, but the power of highlevel SaaS is that it’s an SAA that lets you not only use but also sell it as if it were your software. That’s what the “SaaS” mode means. You pay a fixed monthly fee to use HighLevel, but the company allows you to sell the same software to other people. The HighLevel SaaS mode will enable you to sell software that isn’t yours – i.e., that belongs to High Level – as if it were yours.

You’re a reseller: You buy a product at a specific price that you then sell for a higher price. Regardless of how weird this sounds, HighLevel is completely fine with that. Furthermore, it encourages this behavior. You win because you get an opportunity to generate more recurring revenue, while HighLevel wins by selling its products to more and more agencies.

White labeling means that you’re selling an already existing product under another name. Before offering highlevel to other users, you must create an app that looks and feels like your own.

Agency Dashboard

White labeling is when you sell your products under someone else’s brand name. It means converting the HighLevel software system into your fully branded app. With no trace of HighLevel branding anywhere and your branding all over your app, your customers won’t even notice the existence of HighLevel.

How Much Does the SaaS Mode Cost?

With the HighLevel Agency Pro Plan, you get the ability to run SaaS apps for free. You also get other useful features in the package, including email, phone, and SMS rebilling, split testing, advanced API access, agent reporting, and an AI-powered bot built on top of the popular DialogFlow platform.

You can sign up for the Agency Pro plan by paying $497 per month or $4,968 annually. This is a decent deal for the features you get for this price.

If you’re still unsure whether the price is worth it, remember that the Agency Pro plan comes with everything from the lower-tiered Freelancer plan plus the features we’ve listed above. With this option, you’ll be able to create a complete membership site for yourself and sell it at any price you want.

With HighLevel’s Agency Pro plan, you get access to various features, including a funnel builder, two-way SMS and email, pipeline manager, a website and landing pages builder, and many other valuable tools.

HighLevel SaaS included in the Agency Pro Plan indicates that the company primarily aims to target agencies with this feature. The SaaS model can help an agency avoid high churn rates, which are typically far higher for agencies than SAAS companies.

Typically, users can choose whether or not to cancel the service of an agency reasonably quickly, but if they find something suitable, they tend to stay with it.

HighLevel SaaS Mode Specifics

Two Sets of Features

Because the HighLevel SaaS considers both agencies (the HighLevel Saas) and their clients (the LowLevel Saas), it includes two different sets of features. Here are some examples of them:

Agency Features

You don’t need to worry about these things when using our service. They’re already taken care of for you. It would be best if you had nothing additional to set up or configu­re beyond what was already set up and configured for you.

For Twilio rebilling to be enabled, it must be turned on. However, if you don’t use Twilio for two-way messaging, it would be a waste to pay for it.

Another thing you should be aware of when using Twilio is that you can choose between two modes: SaaS mode only used for Twilio rebilling and not create custom pricing plans or use the default ones.

GoHighlevel saas model
Twillio & Email Rebilling

Client Features

Client features include the webchat widget, which is also called the High Level Live Chat widget. It can be used for lead generation purposes. This widget allows communication between your clients and those they’re trying to reach.

The web chat widget is unique because it allows for two-way text messaging, which lets you continue communicating even after the user leaves the site.

We’ve all experienced waiting for a response from customer support and being virtually forced to keep the site open the whole time. HighLevel helps your clients and prospective clients eliminate this inefficient communication, increasing the likelihood of site visitors becoming leads.

gohighlevel saas model
Chat Widget

Another helpful feature is reputation management. It allows them to be influential without pushing their views onto others. It works by sending reviews with links to clients’ customers. You can choose between sending an email or an SMS. You can use it to show only positive reviews (4.5 or higher), while some positive reviews can be displayed on your client’s websites as testimonials.

Another super useful feature is the “missed call” text message back. It automates answering calls for your clients’ customers and leads who haven’t received an answer. Missed calls are a missed opportunity because they leave an unpleasant impression and are a pain point for any company.

SaaS Mode Configuration

You can configure the highlevel SaaS mode from the agency dashboard. The SaaS configurator is where all of the magic takes place. We’ll now examine the features offered by the SaaS Configurer and some of the benefits of the HighLevel SaaS mode.

gohighlevel saas model
SAAS Configurator

SaaS Mode Pricing

At its basic level, SaaS (software as a service) means offering software for sale. It’s pretty straightforward. You create an offer, set up a landing page, and then wait for people to come knocking.

First things first, you need to connect HighLevel with your stripe account. Once you’ve finished this, the next thing to do is set up your pricing plans.

It offers different pricing options for its clients. When you first start, SaaS mode provides three preset plans: Standard, Pro­fessional, and Premium. You don’t need to use any specific names for your keywords. As long as the plans are short, descriptive enough (and make sense), you’re free to come up with whatever words you want.

Each of the three preloaded plan options comes with preloaded features already included. You don’t have to stick to the preset plan structure. You can change it up if you want. You’re free to mix and match plans as often as you wish. It’s straightforward to do because it requires no technical skills. You drag and drop features between plans within an account.

It’s not necessary to set up three pricing tiers. HighLevel gives you complete control over your pricing plan options. You can choose whether to offer multiple pricing plans, if so, which ones, and even decide whether to charge for them. You decide whether to stick with the default settings or change them.

gohighlevel saas models
SaaS 14-Day Free Trial

You can offer two options for your clients when it comes to billing: monthly and yearly. There’s a suggested minimum price threshold for each product category.

It’s $97 per month for the Standard plan, which costs $197 per month for the Pro­fessional plan, and $297 per month for the Premium plan. Once someone has subscribed to your plan, you cannot modify its price. However, if you want to charge less than the minimum threshold, you can change the fee using the Stripe and Products settings.

It lets you offer free trials too. However, not many highlevel customers recommend this approach because you might get your hopes up about users who never actually become your customers, which could lead to disappointment.

You can use online resources to help you figure out which pricing models work best for you. If you follow the example of large successful SaaS companies, you can be sure that you’ll be able to implement these methods in your own company.

Additional Configurations

You can set the price for each plan and customize the features available for each plan.

  • Give your customers free Twilio and Mailgun credits.
  • Create a snapshot for a plan, so you don’t lose any changes made if you create a new account using that plan.
  • Create a funnel/pricing page for each product and edit them according to their purposes.
  • Add a two-step checkout form to your pricing page so users can purchase your plans.
gohighlevel saas models
Snapshot Templates

It would help if you created a workflow that informs you about a newly registered user. You can start your onboarding process for them, which many consider an essential key to your success as a Saas company.

Here are some tips for creating a site pricing page. HighLevel provides a visual drag-and-drop interface for building and customizing funnels, sites, and pages. You can use the HighLevel funnel templates to help you get started quickly. It’s essential to get this part right because this is what people who look for pricing information and decide whether they want to subscribe to your plans will see.

How to Get the Most Out of the HighLevel SaaS Mode

Once your HighLevel SaaS is set up and running, you can explore as many possibilities as the SaaS mode offers you.

Online Listings

You can use Yext to increase your client base and help them grow their business. It’s an AI-powered platform for building conversational interfaces using natural language processing (NLP). You can integrate it into HighLevel by using its SaaS mode.

Online business listings are one of the services that Yext provides. It works well with an extensive network of sites like Google and Yelp. It lets you list essential information about your client’s websites – including their names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and similar – on each site, so they’re always up-to-date and consistent across the web, even if one changes its content.

Yext Online Listings

Linking through Yext is an excellent way to get links for your site, which is helpful from an SEO perspective and makes it easier to attract new leads.

HighLevel charges you $30 for Yext; however, if you sell it for as much as $99, the typical price agencies charge, you can get up to $180 per month. It’s another way to earn extra income and could be an enormous SEO boost for your clients too.


Integrations are one way to improve your business by making it easier for people to use your product. Here is another tool for creating blog posts from within HighLevel SaaS.

With this tool, your clients can add content marketing to their arsenal of business tools. It includes an SEO analyzer that helps you follow current best practices for SEO and ensures that you publish optimized content for search engine ranking. With Yext, DropInBlog can help increase your clients’ SEO and attract more new leads/customers these days. It’s a fast and elegant way to write blogs using High Level.

Our Conclusion About SaaS Mode

We’ve answered the question “What is HighLevel SaaS?” here. To provide an adequate answer, we looked at several aspects of HighLevel: SaaS mode separately from the main application, SaaS mode configurations, and the massive potential of HighLevel SAA when combined with third-party tools.

We’re confident that HighLevel SaaS will be an excellent addition to our rich collection of HighLevel products. We also agree with many HighLevel clients who think it’s a game changer. We hope you agree with our opinion and that this text has helped you decide whether HighLevel’s SaaS is right for you.

Disclosure: I am an independent entity from HighLevel. I am not an agent or employee of HighLevel and have no authority to make binding contract or represent HighLevel. I receive referral payments from HighLevel. The opinions expressed here are my own and shall NOT be interpreted or considered as representations, guarantees, or statement by HighLevel LLC.

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