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clickfunnels vs Getresponse

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Online marketing has gained popularity with the growth of the online marketplace, with various small business marketers have been taking steps to promote their brand, products & services to their customers in an automated way.

Email marketing is one of the online marketing strategies that help in the promotion of such businesses to current and future customers.

Since managing email campaigns can be extremely challenging and time consuming, various tools have been developed to help ease the “techy” pain of building campaigns through coding new landing pages and manual email response of the past..

Our Getresponse vs Clickfunnels review will expose the strengths and weaknesses of both platforms.

Both platforms have been designed to replace the manual implementation of the “old school” marketing strategies such as promotional flyers, TV Commercials, Radio, Cold Calls, etc.

Clickfunnels and Getresponse are two of the most popular tools for online marketing. Both are reliable and affordable in their per month costs compared to other similar tools.

However, as a marketer, you can choose to use one of them depending on your business needs, marketing preferences and of course cost.

What Clickfunnels Offers Marketers

In the past, you would have had to perform time-consuming manual steps to construct an online marketing funnel, Clickfunnels helps you build advanced high converting funnels all in one platform.

Some of the features include email autoresponders, web hosting, membership sites and the ability to create amazing landing pages, among many other features.

Creating Sales Funnels in WordPress or Wix platforms can be very time-consuming as Clickfunnels provides an easy to use drag and drop builder helps marketers save considerable time.

Clickfunnels was designed by a team of developers led by Russell Brunson in 2014 as a sales funnel marketing tool.

The software is mainly used for creating webinars, landing pages, squeeze pages, among many other features.

Clickfunnels Features

Funnel templates

For you to use this tool efficiently, you must be familiar with the sales funnel creation processes. However, if it is your first time building sales funnels, then this tool provides an easy to use interface that is newbie-friendly.

You can easily create sales funnels by selecting a desired setup among the available 22 different sales funnel templates.

These funnels contain various sets of templates, some of which are offered for free and some that are paid options.

These already designed funnels are mainly categorized into three; Event, Sales Page, and Lead Capture Funnels.

Some examples of these funnels include a squeeze page funnel, designed to redirect a website’s visitor to a thank you page and collect their email address.

The 2-step TripWire Funnel uses order bumps from a lower cost lead magnet to upsell the visitor to more costly valued purchases.

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Clickfunnels Affiliate Marketing Program

Clickfunnels has an excellent affiliate marketing program that comes with great offers. First of all, this program offers 40% commissions whenever you refer someone while offering you a chance to win amazing prizes when you refer customers to the software.

Referring people to the affiliate program and taking part in the promotion campaigns also increases your chances of earning a commission.

Besides, Share Funnels is a feature within the affiliate program that lets you promote the software using a pre-built funnel that you can give away as a lead magnet.

The catch is you have to be on the 14-Day Clickfunnels Free Trial to access the funnel! Brilliant marketing.

Clickfunnels Page Elements

Certainly, you would like to have your funnel pages in a particular layout and format. Page elements are available so you can format and design your landing pages as you wish. You can easily edit these elements by changing their background color, font size, color, and margins size.

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Clickfunnels include basic widgets essential for creating basic blocks within a funnel page, such as Image widgets, video, text, button, and headline widgets.

Advanced elements are also available, some of which include, progress bars, pricing tables, surveys, SMS registration, custom HTML, countdown timers, and Facebook comments.

Clickfunnels User Friendly Drag and Drop Editor

When it comes to customizing funnel templates according to your preference, Clickfunnels lets you achieve that effortlessly.

By clicking on various widgets using your mouse, you can drag and drop them to various sections on the page and drop them.

You can also include texts alongside the templates you have added, and get to edit them easily.

Customizing your funnel page using this feature saves a lot of time since otherwise you would have gone through the entire coding process.

Clickfunnels Pricing And Packages

What determines Clickfunnels cost is the package you choose and the number of features included.

Different packages will let you have access to a different number of features, the more features, the higher the cost.

There are two Clickfunnels packages that you get to pay after using their 14-day free trial version.

Startup Package is the cheapest one, going for $97 a month. This plan only gives you access to only 100 pages, 20 funnels, and allows 20,000 visitors.

Several other features are limited in this plan.

The other plan is known as Etison Suite Plan that goes for $297 per month. This package includes unlimited access to all elements, funnels, pages, and visitors.

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What Getresponse Offers Marketers

Similarly, Getresponse is an industry-leading marketing automation tool that helps you create landing pages and email autoresponders, among other features.

Getresponse is famous for its email marketing software as opposed to Clickfunnel’s strength as a funnel building software.

Getresponse has recently entered into the sales funnels building market with the release of “Autofunnels” a slick new auto funnel software integrated directly with one of the best email marketing automation platforms.

I believe Getresponse is getting close to becoming a very solid all in one online marketing solution for any level .

Getresponse Pricing & Features

Email templates and landing pages

Getresponse allows you to select from a wide range of email marketing templates when sending emails.

There are also plenty of landing page templates available to build off of, this is an area that I think Getresponse can improve in the future.

Getresponse Opt-in forms

The first step towards successful email marketing is gathering email addresses from potential buyers, and sending autoresponder marketing emails to your list.

Opt-in forms can be set up as static inline forms or various types of entry-exit pop-ups used to collect valuable leads.

A/B Split testing

This feature lets you test your emails against each other to see which one has the best design and setup for opt-ins.

Marketers will usually test different background colors, copy, font and headlines among several others.

While most marketers may neglect the importance of using this feature, it has significant influence since it enhances the effectiveness of your emails and allows you to scale up on the A/B test winner.

Several other features come with Getresponse that are essential for online marketing.

Others such as spam filters, training guide resources, and webinars, among others, are also crucial in the entire marketing process.

Getresponse Pricing and Packages

Getresponse cost varies along with four available packages. Starter package will cost you $15 per month, the pro package goes for $49, max package charges $165, and Enterprise package goes for $1199, all per month.

Different packages offer access to different features with the cheapest limiting most of those accessed in a more expensive package.

Discounts are also available for those who manage to subscribe on a yearly basis.

Which Platform is The Most User Friendly?

Both Clickfunnels and Getresponse are applicable in every email marketing strategy, and we would not recommend one over the other, as they both have their strengths and weaknesses. Besides, everyone has their preferences; hence, choices are purely personally based.

However, Getresponse targets beginners since most features do not require technical knowledge. On the other hand, Clickfunnels requires a little technical knowledge and significant experience in the marketing field.

For that reason, Getresponse would be more suitable for small businesses while Clickfunnels can fit organizations of considerable size and establishment.

Getresponse Support Services

Both tools have reliable support teams who are always available to help assist with your issue. While they rarely have issues with functionality, if one arises, then you can quickly visit their website and contact the support team.

You can also get into contact with them by sending an email which they typically reply within 24 hours. Besides, Getresponse has a monitoring feature, where you can access real-time activities and perform an analysis of its effectiveness. This feature lets you identify an issue instantly and act upon it.

Other Reviews

While the experience offered by both tools is great, some people claim that Clickfunnels is a little bit slower than Getresponse.

Besides, their support team might take a little longer to respond.

However, the extent of the alleged slowness does not surpass its benefits; hence, you should not be worried if you are considering choosing Clickfunnels.

Users have not raised many issues about either tool, so they have certainly benefited from both of them.

Final Clickfunnels vs Getresponse Thoughts

When it comes to growing your business, online marketing plays a huge role. Ideally, in today’s society, you have to change with the times and ensure that you have become “wired in” to the digital marketing landscape!

Your business will benefit from using either program and you will surely gain more business with the help of these two tools.

At DigiMark we currently use Getresponse and have been very happy with the many features, such as the new auto funnel, Autoresponder, Landing Page templates, Form Creator and ease of use. We have not used Clickfunnels, but have only heard good things about the software.

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